The Group


Founded over 25 years ago by Corrado and Paolo Negri, the IRGENRE Group, with headquarters in Milan and offices in Caserta, is today a solid reality in the Real Estate Development and Management market for the commercial sector and can count on recognized visibility.

IRGENRE si è dedicata inizialmente allo sviluppo e alla costruzione di immobili per la grande distribuzione commerciale, per l’industria alberghiera e per l’industria in generale, contribuendo allo sviluppo del territorio e annoverando tra i propri clienti grandi marchi nazionali ed internazionali come ad esempio Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Nike e Inditex.

Subsequently, founding the Irgen Retail Management division, the Group also expanded its activities to the commercial management of its real estate assets, with the aim of transforming shopping centres and parks and outlets into real urban centres, making them increasingly attractive. The centres and business parks are collected under the “Maximall” brand.

The IRGENRE Group has always made innovation its flagship, both in terms of building real estate and in terms of product, and now looks at new business models for large retailers and for entertainment.

IRGENRE's success derives from the fusion of experience, innovation, and diversification, which have always characterized the Group's achievements


Anticipating the demands of the market with innovative real estate products, both for their function and for the attention paid to their realization, carried out with avant-garde techniques and materials: this is the mission that has inspired the IRGENRE Group for over 25 years and will give the directive also for years to come.

All’acquisto delle pillole online: spesso sul web vengono venduti prodotti che arrivano da altri Paesi, dove non ci sono gli stessi controlli nella composizione come in Italia o in Europa. Il tadalafil è molto efficace e puoi scoprire informazioni sui prezzi del Cialis generico senza prescrizione medica in italia. Con le nuove cure, affermano gli andrologi, tutto questo potrebbe finire: le onde d’urto, utilizzando i macchinari più moderni, per esempio, possono migliorare una disfunzione erettile organica nel 70% dei casi.


Always create new real estate formats to redesign the traditional concept of a shopping centre and propose major projects that meet the growing needs of sophisticated and diversified users, maximizing the value of the investment.


Leader in the design, development and management of important and innovative real estate projects with both national and international profiles.