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Founded over 25 years ago by Corrado and Paolo Negri, the IRGENRE Group, headquartered in Milan and with offices in Caserta, is a solid presence in the field of Commercial Property Development and Management, and has gained great visibility on this market. 

IRGENRE started out by developing and building property for retail chains, the hotel business and industry in general, helping to develop the local area and boasting famous national and international brands among its clients, such as Ikea and Leroy Merlin.

With the new division Irgen Retail Management, the Group expanded its activities to retail management of its assets, with the aim of transforming shopping centers, retail parks and outlets into urban hubs and making them more and more appealing. Maximall is the brand name devoted to shopping centers and retail parks.

The IRGENRE Group, which has been always focused on innovation in terms of construction techniques as well as products, has now looking at new business models for large retail chains and entertainment.

IRGENRE’s success is based on experience, innovation and diversification, a combination that has always characterised the works constructed by the Group.